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2019 Green Fees

Monday – Thursday: $89
Friday – Sunday: $99

2019 Annual Memberships

2019 Annual Bearspaw memberships are still available! For more information, please fill out the form below:

Dress Code

  • Members, guests and staff are expected to maintain an acceptable standard of dress at all times on club property. Reasonable exceptions to the dress code may be allowed for the Turf Care team.
  • Management reserves the right to refuse service to any individual as a result of a dress code violation.
  • Any color of denim is acceptable in the Clubhouse and Golf Shop.
  • Denim, of any color, is not allowed on the golf course.
  • Turtlenecks, mock necks, rainwear, jackets, hats and other clothing designed to deal with the weather are acceptable.
  • Hats are to be properly worn with the brim forward.
  • For children younger than 8 this acceptable standard of dress will not be strictly enforced. However, the Board encourages members to have their children comply at all times.
  • Should the Clubhouse host a wedding or other theme event, other forms of dress may be permitted provided that that dress is within that events dress requirements.

Male acceptable standard of dress:

  • Acceptable standard of dress includes tailored pants or shorts and a golf shirt.
  • The minimum length for tailored shorts shall be mid-thigh or below.
  • Golf shirt must have a collar and sleeves.
  • Men are permitted to wear hats on the golf course, practice areas, in the lounge and on the patio and in the dining room when it is set up for a Club function otherwise hats are not to be worn in the dining room.

Female acceptable standard of dress:

  • Acceptable standard of dress includes tailored dresses, pants, skirts, skorts, capri pants or shorts and a blouse or golf shirts.
  • The minimum length for tailored dresses, skirts, skorts or shorts shall be mid-thigh or below.
  • Blouse or golf shirt must have a collar and/or sleeves.
  • Midriffs are not to be exposed.
  • Women may wear hats on all golf club property.
  • Tank, halter, spaghetti or strapless type tops or dresses are acceptable in the Clubhouse but not on the golf course, driving range or practice greens. This style of dress must be consistent with dining in good taste at the Clubhouse.

For the benefit of the membership, the following attire is considered inappropriate:

  • T-shirts, tops with objectionable print, graphics or cartoon caricatures, untailored shorts, cut-offs and yoga, work-out and sweat pants or shorts are considered inappropriate.
  • Clothing that is faded, frayed, ripped, torn, tattered and/or otherwise in poor or worn-out condition are considered inappropriate, regardless of the fact that some clothing may be manufactured to look that way.