Golf Simulators

Our Clubhouse hosts two expansive and fully interactive aboutGolf simulators. Our instructional staff will be there with you each step of the way to set up the system, provide tips, drills, assistance, interpret swing data and contribute to the overall enhancement of your indoor golf experience. Whether it is a dedicated swing session, stat analysis or a playing lesson on a world class course, you will have an amazing time in our Clubhouse while you keep your swing sharp all year!

aboutGolf Simulators

  • Top-end Sim technology + design
  • HUGE 20′ curved screens
  • High definition graphics
  • 70+ courses to play
  • Entertainment: par 3’s, long drives, bar games, strike games, mini-golf, aG tour stops, world-wide tournaments
  • Game Improvement: ball speed, spin rate, distance, smash factor + more
  • Download the aG Locker App to set-up your profile, connect instantly, compete & share the fun!
  • Download the aboutGolf app and track your data and progress – get the app here before your first visit.

To book over the phone or inquire, please call 403-239-7444